Water Testing

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    Testing your water is a very important part of maintenance for any pool or spa. Unbalanced water can damage your pool walls, irritate your skin and eyes, and generally be unpleasant to swim in. But how do you know if your pool water is balanced, clean, and safe? With a swimming pool water test kit! MKM Pool Spa carries a selection of water test kits for hot tubs and pools, so you’re always up to speed on your water balance and cleanliness.

    Test Strips and Test Kits

    Do you need help balancing a chlorine pool? What about a bromine spa? Whichever type of sanitization system you’re using, we have the right swimming pool water test kit for you. Test for chlorine, borate, or salt with one of our kits.

    We even have digital strip readers, which can help you decipher your pool or spa needs based on your pool or hot tub water test kit! These kits come from well-known pool supply brands like AquaCheck, Leisure Time, and Pool Frog, so you can be confident in your test results.

    Any Questions?

    MKM Pool Spa is more than just a one-stop shop for all your pool supply needs. We're also staffed with friendly and knowledgeable people who can help you with all your pool care questions! Call 980-328-3043, email customerservice@mkmpoolspa.com (for general questions), or email techhelp@mkmpoolspa.com (for tech support). If you need help reading your swimming pool water test kit or you're not sure which chemicals to purchase next, we'll be happy to help!