Stabilizers For Pool Water

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Chlorine is an important part of any pool’s sanitization system. However, it’s also known for being temperamental! For example, direct sunlight can cause chlorine to break down and lose its efficacy - hardly a good thing when you’re in the midst of a summer pool party!

To combat this, we carry some great stabilizers designed for pool water. These chemicals help to prolong the effectiveness of chlorine, as well as reduce the level of cyanuric acid in your pool water. If you want to keep your water sanitized and safe, pick up a stabilizer from MKM Pool Spa.

How Does It Work?

A stabilizer for your pool water - sometimes called water conditioner - is meant to protect your chlorine from sun damage. The stabilizer comes in either a liquid or granule form. Simply add a stabilizer to your water and the isocyanuric acid will get to work. Not only will stabilizers keep your chlorine from breaking down, it will actually improve the effectiveness of your pool sanitizers - saving you both time and money.

Want To Learn More?

At MKM Pool Spa, we provide our customers with quality chemicals, from bromine tablets to stabilizers for pool water. We also offer the guaranteed lowest prices available, and free shipping on any order over $50!

Do you need help deciding what kind of pool water stabilizer is best for you? Our customer service team is happy to answer all your questions! Email with your general questions or for tech support. You can also call us at 980-328-3043.