Water Balancers & Stabilizers

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    Keeping pool water balanced is no easy task. With everything from pH levels, alkalinity, chlorine, and calcium to watch for, it can be challenging to keep them in their optimal ranges. That’s why pool owners tend to become quite familiar with pool water balancing chemicals - the essentials to proper pool maintenance.

    At MKM Pool Spa, we want our customers to spend quality time in their pools, not fussing with chemicals on the deck. That’s why we have a broad selection of pool water balancing chemicals that are easy to use from quality brands you already trust.

    ClearView, Swim Best, and More!

    Is your pool experiencing corrosion, scaling, or high chlorine levels? Whatever your problem, MKM Pool Spa has the pool water balancing chemicals you’ll need to set things straight. Our selection also gives you bulk quantities of your favorite chemicals. Pick up a 25-pound tub of ClearView calcium increaser or a 15-pound jug of alkalinity increaser from GLB, all at a low price you won’t want to miss!

    Questions About Chemicals?

    When you first buy a pool or spa, the upkeep can seem overwhelming. Don’t worry - MKM Pool Spa has over 50 years of industry experience, and we’re here to help you. Are you unsure about which pool water chemicals will be best? Our customer service team will be happy to answer your questions. Call us at 980-328-3043 or email customerservice@mkmpoolspa.com (with general questions) or techhelp@mkmpoolspa.com (for tech assistance). We can’t wait to talk with you!