Spa Stain & Scale Removers

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    Have you ever sat down for a relaxing soak in a spa, only to discover that the seats felt like sandpaper? If so, you’ve experienced firsthand the discomfort that hot tub scale can bring. When this happens, you need a quality hot tub scale remover to restore your spa’s comfort and cleanliness. MKM Pool Spa has a wide selection of scale remover, as well as cleansers to treat and banish any stains on your spa walls.

    Stain and Scale Free

    Along with that uncomfortable scale, metal stains or colored water from oxidization can really make your spa seem less appealing. However, you can restore your hot tub to its former glory by using hot tub scale removers and water treatments to fight off spa stains and scale.

    Simply add the necessary treatment to your water when you balance the pH in your pool. Is the water looking green? Add some green water eliminator. Are you noticing metal stains on the wall? Target them with a stain remover. Add hot tub scale remover to banish that sandpaper feeling from your spa seats. With regular treatment, you’ll soon have a spa that looks and feels incredible again.

    Need Scale Remover, Stat!

    When you need a cleaner for spa stains or scale, we understand that you need it right away. That’s why MKM Pool Spa ships all orders to our customers within two business days. Our convenient online store and prompt delivery get you what you need right away, so you can get back to enjoying your hot tub.

    Do you have any questions? Our customer service team is happy to help! Call 980-328-3043 or email us at (for technical support) or (for general questions). We look forward to hearing from you!