Spa Granular Chlorine

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Keeping your spa clean and free from algae, bacteria, and other microorganisms really comes down to one thing: chlorine. This chemical is incredibly effective at killing bacteria that enters the water through dirt or body oil, rendering your water crystal clear and silky smooth.

Though chlorine is an effective water sanitizer, many people don’t like dealing with the chemical directly. For these folks, MKM Pool Spa suggests granular chlorine. Chlorine granules for spas are a quick and easy way to treat your spa water. Our selection contains some of the best granular chlorine products available - all for the lowest prices, guaranteed.

Specially Formulated for Spas

Chlorine granules for spas are particularly effective because of their special, heat-resistant formula. While typical chlorine treatments break down in hot water, slow-dissolving granular chlorine is intended to withstand the high temperatures of a hot tub. Over time, the chlorine granules in the spa can clear the water of any and all bacteria - exactly what every spa owner wants!

Questions? We’re Happy to Help

At MKM Pool Spa, we have one simple goal: complete customer satisfaction. This is why we offer high-quality products at the lowest prices around. We also want our customers to feel confident as they maintain their spas.

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