ClearView Poly POWER 30 algaecide - 1 qt  -  CVLPP30QT12
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ClearView Poly POWER 30 algaecide - 1 qt

Brand: ClearView
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Product Description

The Best Non-Metallic Algaecide

The two leading causes of algae bloom in a pool or spa is a lack of proper circulation, or a water chemical imbalance. However, even well-maintained pools can experience algae growth over time. Algae spores are very transportable, and they can be carried into your pool water by a gust of wind, or travel on a swimmer. There’s just no preventing it—only treating it, and with ClearView Poly POWER 30 non-metallic algaecide in your supply closet, you’ll be able to stop algae-growth in its tracks.

Algae: Unsightly and Unsafe

Algae comes in many different variations, and none of them are good for your pool. Once algae takes root, it can create an unsightly discoloration, clog your filter, and become a home for harmful microbes. If you suspect that algae is growing in your pool, don’t hesitate—take care of it fast with this non-metallic algaecide from ClearView.


  • Active over a wide range of pH
  • Non-foaming Non-metallic
  • Not affected by high chlorine residuals


  • Treats hard to kill mustard, green and black algae
  • Increases efficiency of sanitizers
  • Improves water quality
  • Long lasting algaecide

Take Back Your Pool or Spa with Algaecide

Not only does this long-lasting, non foaming algaecide take care of hard-to-kill mustard, green and black algae in one fell swoop, but it also improves your water quality and increases the effectiveness of sanitizers. It is active over a wide range of pH, and it’s not affected by high chlorine residuals. Order this non metallic algaecide today to keep your water crystal clear and algae-free!


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