Clor Mor Multi-Fuction Chlorinator - 5 lb

Clor Mor Multi-Fuction Chlorinator - 5 lb

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Brand: Clor Mor Spa
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Product Description

Clor Mor Spa Chlorinator & Shock - 5 lb

CHLORINATOR & SHOCK Multi-Function Shock for Spas


Chlorinator & Shock is a concentrated chlorinating sanitizer. When used as directed, this product provides effective bacterial, fungicidal and algaecidal control in swimming pools. Chlorinator & Shock reacts with water to release hypochlorous acid, the active killing form of chlorine that does the actual sanitizing work.


  • Stabilized –Built in stabilizer containing cyanuric acid helps prevent sunlight from degrading the chlorine.
  • Fast dissolving – Dissolves rapidly making it ideal for vinyl pools and safe for all pool surfaces.
  • Fast acting – 56% available chlorine quickly kills bacteria and algae.
  • Restores water clarity – Sanitizes and oxidizes contaminants that lead to dull, hazy water.
  • Does not cloud water – Neutral pH prevents clouding effect when shocking.
  • Ideal for salt water pools – Adds new chlorine as well as stabilizer in one application.


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